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The Essential is designed to provide revolutionary micromobility at a low price, without sacrificing quality or usability. Weighing just 12kg, the Essential is one of the easiest e-scooters to fold up and carry when you need to – up stairs, on and off public transport, or into your home or office.

The Xiaomi Essential features a 250W rated motor with a 20km/h top speed and 20km claimed range*, comfortable air-filled tyres and stylish Bluetooth-enabled integrated display unit with three selectable power modes.

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The Essential is the lightest e-scooter that Xiaomi makes, weighing just 12kg. With dimensions that make it easy to fold down and store away, it’s the perfect tool for those short journeys that might involve carrying it up stairs or onto public transport, while it’s compact to be stored away easily at home or in the office too.

Powerful LED lights and front, side and rear reflectors means that the Xiaomi Essential e-scooter meets the latest European safety standards. This makes your daily ride safer, enabling you to see further in the dark, and be seen by others.

Xiaomi e-scooters come complete with an energy recovery system built into the front wheel motor. Pull the brakes, and the electronic brake converts some of the energy back into battery power, prolonging your remaining range.


Brand: XiaoMi
Type: Mi Electric Scooter Essential
Color: Black

Product Details

Battery: Lithium ion battery 5100mAh /183Wh
General range: 20km
Maximum Speed: 20km/h (Max speed for each mode: Pedestrian mode: 5km/h; D: 15km/h; S: 20km/h)
Max Payload: 100kg
Max. power: 500W
Charging Time: 3.5 hours
Storage temperature: -20°C to 45°C

Dimension & Weight

Product weight: 11.95 kg
Package weight: 15.8 kg
Package size (L x W x H): 115 x 54 x 20 cm

Package Contents
1 x Mi Electric Scooter Essential
1 x Power adapter
1 x Hexagon wrench
1 x Extended nozzle adapter
1 x Screw
1 x User manual
1 x Important information
1 x Specifications


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