Our Promise to a Sustainable Future


We live in a time when finding sustainable, ecofriendly solutions is absolutely essential to our future. Simply 'doing our best' and 'making an effort' were no longer sufficient in the ongoing fight against climate change. At Zoomera, we want more than just to provide a sustainable solution to transport. We want to actively contribute to and assist those leading the charge and impacting real change in our society.

eco bee

At the end of every calendar month, Zoomera promises to donate 10% of all profits to the Friends of the Earth Charitable Trust in recognition of the incredible work they do every single day. From protecting Bees, to reducing the enormous levels of plastic in our oceans and campaigning for the use of renewable energy sources in our cities. By purchasing our products, you're helping the experts at Friends of the Earth to make real change in our lives and in our environment.

Donations are given using 10% of the monthly profits made by the business on the final day of every calendar month. For more information about the incredible work Friends of the Earth does please visit their website